Rotary evaporators

In general, rotary evaporators are differentiated between two groups. Therefore, a short comparison between manual rotary evaporators (PILOTVAP®) and fully automated rotary evaporators (POWERVAP®) is shown below.

Manual rotary evaporators (PILOTVAP®)

Manual rotary evaporators (PILOTVAP®) require the presence of an operator taking care of neccessary inputs. Just like automated rotary evaporators they are characterized by excellent leak tightness and high-quality components.

You can find a detailed description of manual rotary evaporators (PILOTVAP®) on the page: Manual rotary evaporators


Fully automated rotary evaporators (POWERVAP®)

In contrast to this, the fully automated rotary evaporators (POWERVAP®) offer a lot more comfort making a permanent monitoring needless. Moreover, the effectiveness of the facility increases compared to the PILOTVAP® series due to cleverly devised control mechanisms.

You can find a detailed description of manual rotary evaporators (POWERVAP®) on the page: Fully automated rotary evaporators


Gentle handling of your valuable products

All components of our rotary evaporators are designed for maximal protection of your product. This means the necessity of an optimal sealing system. By means of a low vacuum, temperature sensitive products can gently be concentrated, because of low boiling temperatures. The extremely low leakage rate causes a maximal solvent recovery rate at unbeatable purity of the product.

Explosion protection according to ATEX

Our rotary evaporators POWERVAP® and PILOTVAP® are also available in explosion protected execution according to directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 95).