user interface & process optimization

The graphical user interface Sentinel

The newest user interface to control our rotary evaporators comfortably. Sentinel offers all important features for operating the manual (PILOTVAP®) and automated (POWERVAP®) systems. A unique feature of our program is its flexible adaptiveness, which means that all our machines run the same software and only the configuration files differ. From this it follows that we can offer our customers frequent actualizations, free of charge updates, lower costs and customer-oriented solutions.

This makes Sentinel unique!

  • Tabular input/view of set/actual values
  • Using predefined commands to control the system
  • Graphical representation of sensors and valves in a PNID
  • Real-time data analysis using function plots
  • Logging of all system events
  • Logging of all system values for further data analysis
  • Creating and executing complex control tasks with our own script-language

Controlling using SmartScripts

SmartScripts allow to automatize tasks very comfortable subsequently. Therefore, Sentinel provides an open interface, which enables to read and write every system parameter. While running Sentinel, scripts can be loaded and executed. Consequently, the following features are available:

  • Writing set values and reading actual values
  • Reading sensor and valve status
  • Sending commands (e.g., “Aerating”)
  • Notifying operator by using predefined graphical user interface functions

The graphical user interface PVGui

The user interface PVGui names the precursor of Sentinel. Compared to Sentinel, PVGui offers a number of new features (e.g, real-time data analysis, SmartScripts, etc.). Every PVGui user can obtain a free update to Sentinel. Thus, contact us by filling in our contact form.

Process optimization

Until now, improving present or new processes was very exhausting. This ends now. Both Sentinel and PVGui save all system parameters into CSV files constantly. Afterwards, programs like Matlab, Octave or even Microsoft Excel can perform a detailed evaluation.