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Water jet vacuum pump JET-1

Water jet vacuum units TOM-JET-1, the universal vacuum sources for your applications with extremely low water consumption.

Description of the principle

  • By means of an electric circulation pump, water is pumped through two (A2/K2) alternatively four (A4/K4) optimized water jet pumps (glass)
  • The circulation pump is a multi stage pump, designed for constant pressure and long running time
  • Low water consumption and excellent final vacuum are the features of these vacuum pumps. Sucked in vapors do not influence the vacuum values
  • The saving of water of the water jet vacuum units TOM-JET-1/K2 and TOM-JET-1/K4 is nearly 100 %. These systems contain a heat exchanger with thermostat. The cooling can be made by a chiller

Especially for the following systems these water jet vacuum units are the ideal vacuum source

  • Rotary evaporators
  • Drying ovens
  • Kjeldahl systems
  • Wickbold systems
  • Claisen systems
  • Vacuum filtration systems
  • Desiccators
  • Drying pistols

Technical data

Ultimate vacuum JET-1/A2/A4: 23 hPa (mbar) at 20°C circulating water temperature
Ultimate vacuum JET-1/K2/K4: 7 hPa (mbar) at 1°C circulating water temperature
Suction capacity 4.500 l/h
Supply 230V/50Hz, 520W, single-phase – other electrical values upon request

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